Musebuz curatorial kaleidoscope


Musebuz Curatorial Kaleidoscope is a project by Irina Ideas, with the goal to bring visibility to the artists that crossed her path, both online and in real life and to make art and artists, especially intellectually more accessible and visible to the general public by documenting their exhibitions and thought processes. 

Art is often perceived by general public only in the domain of aesthetics but in real life, through history art was much more, a communication tool, a portal to a new world of imagination and this project is all about exploring this world from different intellectual angles while presenting artists joined in their ideas.

Finding the inspiration behind the Art pieces

Why is art so mysterious almost hated by many people that think of it as too abstract, too niche, too remote, belonging to a certain echelon of society?

In the era of internet when everything is so much more available and open than ever in the history it is only logical to make an effort to unravel the mystery behind art, not only for artist community but for everyone. 


It came to being some years ago when I realized that art is incredibly misunderstood, almost to the point of perceiving it as something to consume, to fit within the furniture, to have as a status symbol. So when I was doing my art residency program in the contemporary museum of Art in Beijing, I decided to put together this project and explore the minds and worlds of different artists.


ante sit amet orci convallis.


To explore the macrocosm and microcosm of each artist, establish a curatorial platform and bring all too needed visibility to the artists, a venue from which it is possible to see into their minds as well as their artworks.

Project Details: