Body Orientation & Relationship

Painting exhibition

Qing Jiao Jiao

Solo Exhibition: Body Orientation & Relationship

Place: Shangyuan Museum of contemporary art, Exhibition hall, Beijing, China 


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Body Orientation & RElationship

Exhibition review by Irina Ideas

Body’s orientation is a topic that goes deep into the plane of existential sense of self, something so universal and yet just like Karma not immediately obvious because often times in life the relationship between things seem coincidental until they are so obvious and powerful that only an art form can express. Qin Jiao Jiao’s art explores the furthest corners of our minds, a line that divides between now and then, you and me, dark and light, a special type of dualism that is dancing in the rhythm of cause and effect, portraying the encounter, connections and disconnections, in this wonderful phenomenon we call reality. There is an ancient wisdom that suggests: “do not seek understanding of things but relations between things and you will understand the world”. Upon entering the world of Qin Jiao Jiao, the first physical association one has is of the corners, the edges of our habitats, the rooms in the houses, the corners of the walls, but also it is the reflection of the most inner habitat we have and that is our mind. Sometimes what we see and build around us, to accommodate our bodies reflects the internal world of thoughts, the habitat of our mind, with unlimited possibilities and iterations, just like a perpetuum mobile it never stops, this mechanism of our awareness, it is on the quest of a greater understanding of things.

Sometimes we like to call it a process of acquiring a higher consciousness as a sentient beings on a mission of building higher integrity and becoming a genuine human, one of the most important tasks. Jiao Jiao’s thinking process is touching upon these topics very strongly, with the focus giving priority to the form over color, she brings out the structural elements, emphasizing on the interaction and connections between the things rather than looking at things as they are in themselves. A very good analogy that comes to mind is a helix of a human genome, because when we look at the development of understanding in the field of genetics and how only the genes of integrity get the green light to go ahead towards the next generation, we understand the depth and importance of the ability to distinguish between the white and black. In Jiao Jiao’s art the line that divides the two worlds, seems to be a compass, in a way a green light, an orientation and a road towards this invisible integrity so deeply present but yet elusively mysterious.

One can’t help but think of Karma and the subtle laws prevailing all the existence, just like the laws of physics make the planets turn in a certain way as a result of relationship with the larger objects, so are our actions as humans always in interlocked relationship of everything we do. Qin Jiao Jaio is pushing the boundaries and exploring the world of action and reaction, this very balance. Sometimes the gravity is so strong on one side of the painting that the other is barely able to keep the balance, but it does, it has the ambition to keep afloat. At other times the balance between the sides is so strongly self reflective that the outside reality, the gravity of larger objects has no power. There are only two sides locked in the eternal embrace of cause and effect, karmic laws of entangling and disentangling and it is a delightful experience to look at the intricate game of life unraveling on the canvas with such a strong line of thought. The spectrum of the topics in the paintings range from the highly strong, destiny like questions relating to the relationship with people to the most subtle and almost invisible relation we have with things and environment, birds, casual objects of our every day life, all of which have the most significant role in the universe no matter how small or how big.

Archimedes said: “Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the world”, analogous to this Qin Jiao Jiao’s collection is in that lever and the karmic compass is exactly in the line of the paintings, dividing the world and the dualistic nature of reality becomes so obvious that one can’t help but wonder about the way things are in a much deeper sense entering the level of what is it that goes behind what we see, what immediately captures our attention and what is behind it truly. There is a process of unraveling in order to get to the core and a truth, often times appearing black, white and gray.



About Qin Jiao Jiao

1984 Born in Huanggang City in Hubei Province,China
2006 Jiamusi Art Association Member
2007 Graduated form the University of Fine Arts in Jiamusi
China and Korea Art Association Member

Living and working in Guangzhou


2014 Artistic conception——Chinese 2014 Dubai Art Exhibition,Dubai
         â€œThe direction of the body”—-The solo exhibition by Qin Jiaojiao,Beijing
  Breeze/Landscape: Invitation & Exhibition of Shangyuan Artists,Beijing

 2008 99tents,99dreams——About artistic Beijing the artistic area periphery untolds,Beijing.

Deep Breath–Chinese Modern Oil Painting Exhibitions.

 2007 â€œThe dream of greatness ”the oil painting art show by Qinjiaojiao ,Heilongjiang.

The China art festival youth unfolds,Germany.
Link iron temple fair,Beijing.
 99tents,99dreams——About artistic Beijing the artistic area periphery untolds,Beijing.

2006 â€œThe oil painting exhibition by Qinjiaojiao Heilongjiang.

2005 Jiamusi University,“the commentary-literature and art exhibition,Heilongjiang.

2004 Jiamusi Folk Art exhibition,Heilongjiang.





 It is interesting to observe after I have spent a certain period of time in China, the sense of dualism was very much on the surface compared to the Western side of this civilization where dualism plays a very prominent role. The sense of right and wrong, ever prevailing never ending battle field between the good and bad, and yet it is an integral part of both sides of the world. Each individual comprises of these two opposing poles, constantly pulling and pushing, the complexity of interaction gets on an entirely new level when we transcend this onto the relationship between people. It is only then that we comprehend that the world is not comprised of black and white, left and right, inner and outer, but eternal gray in which the black and white pulsate in the rhythm of destiny.  

Irina Ideas



Art history


Exploring the world of Petar Lubarda, seeing through all the way to building block that the stone is

Exploring the world of Petar Lubarda, seeing through all the way to building block that the stone is

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Louise Bourgeois is crossing the boundaries of any of the definitions and exploring and emphasizing on the prevailing forces of the subconsciousness of the 20th century

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