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Tremenos Artist residency

Tremenos is an art residency overlooking beautiful Bay of Kotor in the country of Montenegro, situated in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, nestled among the mountains overlooking the sea. This is a very intimate space designed to support dedicated artists seeking an inspiration and unique space to further their artistic work situated in a spectacular environment.

During the residency, in addition to focused work and air time, hiking trips will be organized to discover the main historical treasures of the area connectting with the wilderness and the mountains/sea and the week will culminate in an art exhibition event at either the premises, a local art gallery space or the nature.
This residency is an extraordinary opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and inhale the inspiration for your art that can transform with history and with nature leaving a mark upon both!

Artists and creative individuals who seek a contemplative and inspiring (hell yes) kind of place in which to begin, continue, and/or complete an artistic, personal, or scholarly project. Residency lasts 1 week to 2 weeks (if desire is for longer stay it could be possible). Guests: Artists are invited to bring a guest if desired for an additional fee. Guests do not need to be artists.

We are an artist led residency consisting of two humans and two cats in the house of which cats are the ultimate creatives and one human (myself) is a multidisciplinary artists (classical piano, visual- paintings, sculptures, installation, curating,…..). Latest pact with myself for this year is to surround my space with the like minded people from the eyster that the world is so that we can all share the shell that the house is and crystalize the pearl that the art is within us all.

Artists coragous enough who wish to experience the above are encouraged to apply. Applications must include an artist’s CV, an artist statement, a letter of intent, and images/from the artist’s website.


The house consists of a two levels. The Lower/ground unit where artists will be situated with common room (this is a shared house) two rooms, bathroom, kitchen and a ground terrace next to the entrance and Upper unit (two rooms, kitchen, bathroom with large flat roof terrace, where permanent inhabitors live.
There is a small garden of Eden aka plants which concentrates indigenous herbs, insects, plants and other creatures that escape the house occassionally.
Capacity of the residence is designed for two people to share a room. Each room is equipped with two single beds and linens and a desk. If you wish a private room, please contact us for arrangements and pricing.

Artists will have the possibility to work outdoors and create their own open air studio space wherever they prefer, house is on the mountains so there are many interesting spaces. Easel available upon request. Artists are encouraged to bring with them their material as there are not many art shops in the vicinity.

Fees and support
The fee for the program is €180 per week per artist. The first installment of €100 is a deposit and is nonrefundable. It is due immediately upon agreement and Completion of the Residency Agreement. The second payment of $80 upon arrival. This fee covers room and board and facilities. The additional fee for a Non-Artist companion is €200 per week to cover accommodation costs.

Expectations towards the artist
Artists are expected to participate in most of the excursions and social gatherings during the residency. They are asked to give an introductory talk to present their work to encourage collaboration and to document everything through website and social media of the Tremenos/Musebuz project, and to participate with the works produced during the residency to the final exhibition event that will take place either at the premises of Tremenos or somewhere in the historic sites or indeed somewhere in nature.

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