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                      Gravity of Souls – from the solo exhibition in Beijing

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Mos, Embrace through paintings and installations.

    • What is your current art project? What are the ideas that you are working on? What is the message you are trying to convey to the world with your art?
      I recently held a solo exhibition in China.The theme of the solo exhibition is “The Gravity Of Souls”.It is composed of easel painting and installation.My art form is basically a state of embrace.Embrace fate, embrace man and embrace nature.A hug corresponds to a kind of gravitation, and life is constantly moving under the action of various gravitation forces.


    • How would you describe your process of entering the flow, what other disciplines overlap with your primary vision?
      My inspiration comes from my personal life experience. I’ve been thinking about one thing, what it is that makes me appear in this space and then become entangled with all kinds of people, creating deep or shallow relationships. I like philosophical thinking, maybe I can find the answer I want from it.


    • What inspired you from history of art, books, philosophy, science, any other disciplines?
      It was the exploration of human destiny that sparked my interest in these subjects. I’ll continue to think about where the human spirit came from, and maybe it evolved just like our bodies.


    • What place on Earth inspired you the most?
      Wherever there are woods and mountains, I can do more.


  • What is the latest dream you had? How would you like this civilization to look like in 100 years?
    One of my recent dreams was that I had escaped from prison and was constantly eluding the police. It was a very tired dream.
    I hope the civilization in 100 years will be without wars and orphans, with cities and forests fused together, and people will have more time to chase the stars and the sea.

Reverie by Mos, a kind of journal that goes into the stream of consciousness as he faces the human condition



I nest all year round in a place called the Vuwul forest, there is a piece of woodland, I have 350 years of residency, I have lived here for 150 years. The house was designed by myself, and then the design was handed over to my neighbor, an erudite penguin predecessor who was the only skilled carpenter in the forest. The whole of the house is a vertical square, and the top of the house smashes a right angle, a random irregular defect. The house is divided into two floors, and the lower floor is what I use to work and entertain my friends. The second floor is my bedroom and study. At night from the outside, most of the time only two-story glass windows are lit, that i am reading or listening to music. Penguin predecessors have always wondered why I built the house on the ground, just as I could not understand why his house was built under the ground. He says this will allow for a clearer listening to the pulse of the planet and better predicting the future of the world’s will. Perhaps he was right, his knowledge of his mind made him behave differently from ordinary people. But when he is in a good mood, he is a very helpful ordinary old man.

I didn’t expect the snow to fall so suddenly, it was the fourth snow after winter. This time I prepared an empty red plastic bucket on the balcony. In fact, I just want to see how much snow can be put in the bucket after this heavy snow.

On the left side of the house is a pool half the size of a football field, but I can’t swim. I first designed it just to store water, and then the house connected to the lake of coincidence in the back of the mountain. After the water became convenient, the pool was not used very often, in order not to let it be abandoned, I raised a white whale in it. At first it was the size of a puppy, and 50 years later, its huge body had filled the pool. It can’t be as pleasant as it used to be, and I think I’m going to start looking for a bigger pool for it, which is something I’ve been dealing with lately.

To the right of the house is an old tree, the trunk is twisted, and the branches are coiled upward. It doesn’t grow very long, but grows as fine grass as hair, and the color will follow the seasons.Changes and differences, spring green, summer red, autumn yellow, winter white. I heard that this is a living 1000 years of foxtail pine, the tree on the plush grass is to keep warm and grow out.


I remember, I still have a dinosaur.

This dinosaur’s origin is very special, it was in another universe I sent to me 50 years ago via wormhole courier, as my 137th birthday present. When it was first sent in, it was just a dinosaur egg, and the pale yellow shell was covered with black markings of different sizes, shaped like a gourd. At first I thought it was a surprise to me by a friend, but I saw the sender on the courier note write: Noki, that’s my name, I hesitated for a long time. The address is written in cosmology, translated as “The 6th Universe after 891”, and there is no detail sits on it.

The first year of receiving the dinosaur egg, the little dinosaur did not break out of the shell, but the following summer, the forest temperature rose to the heat, it finally broke the egg shell emerged. This is a spotted dragon, lilac body is a variety of sizes of blue dots, teeth are sharp, also love to eat rice, but hate mustard. Instead of tying it up, I kept it in stock. It’s not like the kind of tyrannosaur seen in the movie, although it’s still pretty big. It sees acquaintances wagging their tails, and sometimes even shaking their big hips, and then a local sandstorm around them. Growing up, he no longer often stays next to the house, likes to venture deep in the forest and release its natural wildness. It is afraid of only humans, especially hunters.


The penguin’s former home is not far from the fox-tailed pine, where he has lived for 500 years and is now 558 years old. His old companion, Mrs. Penguin, goes to the town’s market every day to sell her “fennel mushrooms”, a seasonal crop of autumn and winter, sweets growing from the soil, soft and delicious. It was planted on three floors below their home, a wide candy field, when the artificial sun opened from the ceiling.The landscape is comparable to that of rice fields on the ground. Penguin predecessors and penguin ladies, though old, are still walking as fast as they can do.

They have three children, two boys and a girl. The older boy died in a 2038 Star Defense War as a revolutionary force on Pluto 7. The second boy, a music teacher, is teaching music history at a school in a city on Mercury 3. And the third girl is also just after the birth of a baby, a few years ago a family of three moved to the moon 2 to start a new life. In general, the family of penguin predecessors is well and well.

On weekends, there will always be friends from the town to the homes of penguin predecessors for dinner, sometimes at concerts, sometimes at holiday parties, sometimes around a bonfire casually chatting or watching a movie, and so on. It was the most playful and hilarious time of the week.


Today is the last day of 2173, the evening When I took my favorite wine and ran to his house for a moment, listening to their recent discoveries and various anecdotes, nearthe the end of the penguin predecessors held up the old guitar improvisation of two or three songs for many years, I looked up to the skylight, falling snowflakes in the melodious song slowly dance.

After that, I walked on my way home as usual. The moon was only half in the night sky, and the snow stopped. The owl in the tree, as long as he hears the sound of walking, lets out the beam of light to illuminate the road. In the distance, there were a few wolf squeals.

My rest time is very regular, rarely there will be insomnia. I have the ability to get myself to sleep quickly. The world I can see with my eyes I know it well enough, and sleep can lead me into another fun world, a world dominated entirely by your unconscious and primitive genes. Every entry is not preset, you can’t imagine what kind of scene you’re going to be in, what the story line is, and who you’ll meet. Everything is true and ridiculous.


I just closed my eyes, let go of my thoughts, and the time went forward in silence…

Dream I’m a fugitive, but I don’t describe what I did wrong, only the police are chasing me around.Jing. I’ve been running all night, running desperately, hiding here for a while and running there. I couldn’t run anymore, and when the police were about to catch up with me, I pulled a chicken leg out of my trouser pocket… I don’t know why it’s a chicken leg, I thought it was a weapon or something. But I still opened my mouth to bite down, and then the moment I opened my eyes, the day was already bright, I want to know what happened after, I continueto close my eyes, want to continue the dream just now, but it seems impossible. When I realized this, I was sober. I opened my eyes again, oh, my God! Where is this?


In fact, when I first opened my eyes the moment, I already felt that something is wrong, but I did not think too much, just think this is the next dream of the moment docking picture. But now that I’m awake, I’m sure I’ve come out of my dream. I went back to the body 150 years ago, the pure-bred human life on Earth. I can’t believe that I kept scanning every corner of the room with my eyes, trying to retrieve memories from a hundred years ago from some traces. I’ve been here, and I seem to have lived there for quite some time. Light blue sheets, silver curtains, striped patterned wardrobes, a square table with a blue-and-white patterned cloth next to the bed, a pile of free-stacked books, and a pot of green loaves. My mind was flipped like a movie, trying to find the memory that suited the place as soon as possible.

Oh, God! I’m back on Earth 4, my native planet. I remember this in the 21st century, when humans thought there was only one Earth, until after that world event, the whole universe changed, our cognition was once again hit by unprecedented shocks, and the world became wider and more incredible. The chances of such a thing happening are very low and almost impossible. I still think it’s a dream, just a dream of a familiar scene, I should lie back in bed, use my ability to fall asleep at seconds to leave this strange room. So I closed my eyes and immediately stopped thinking about everything.


Time is quietly moving forward…

“Trump…” the alarm rang. Oh, God! How long ago was the ringtone of the cell phone? I was awakened by it. I turned to find my phone under the pile of books, and the screen showed the alarm clock at 8 a.m. on December 31, 2019, my previous daily alarm, and I calmly pressed the stop button. Then continue to lie down, not to let the brain have any thoughts, close your eyes again.

Time is quietly moving forward…

When I was conscious, I felt like I had been sleeping for a long time. I should have returned to the Wuling Forest, back to that beautiful vertical square house, and I planned to take my beluga whale with me today to find a new pond. I began to open my eyes, slowly, and the blurry picture became clear. Oh, God! I’m still stuck in 2019. I looked at the time on my phone and it was 10 a.m.

I haven’t looked at the sun on earth for a long time, and now the sun outside the window is strange, the light is so faint as sunset dusk. Everything around me, the sound, the smell, and so on, all the details are almost close to the real, or that this is the real world, but I came to the wrong place. I’m back on Earth in 2019.

Now, I sit still, with my back to the wall, and countless question marks keep me moving.

After that, what should I do?


about the exhibition from the artist


The works in this solo exhibition are all the achievements since I entered the museum in April this year.In art form, they consist of installations and easel paintings.Easel painting is divided into three series, namely “Destiny” sketch series, “The melting of time” oil color series and “Trace” paper series.These three series are totally unrelated in terms of materials, techniques and language, but in terms of my personal spiritual level, they are connected together, implying a sequential order.

First from black and white, this is the fate of the storm raging, meaning in the long life of some struggle and pain moment.Then there are the oil painting works about love and time. A hug corresponds to a kind of gravitation, such as the gravitation of family, friends and lovers. Life is constantly running under the effects of various gravitation.Finally, even if the years on the picture of color off, but between the soul traction is still tight.”Trace” series is about when a life has experienced pain and love, he chose to embrace nature, return to the state of the wilderness.This series is also specially drawn from mulberry fruit collected from the back mountains as raw materials, which is a tribute to the original ecology.

At this moment, I would like to spend more time on the only installation work in this solo exhibition, which is a piece of work that I came up with a whim during the two-day exhibition arrangement.It’s called “The Gravity Of Souls,” after the theme of the solo exhibition.It is a vanishing work, with only five days of life in the physical world, fading away like a sand painting in a temple.Its structure starts with a standing white column and a rough tree trunk, as the two ends of the device, there is no first and second, just two independent individuals.And then each of them has a candle, kind of like a butter lamp in a Tibetan temple, symbolizing two different souls.They seem unrelated, but somehow there is a gravitational pull that causes them to become entangled.And this power is expressed by this zigzag and capricious pattern on the ground.The pattern uses a material called cotton thread, which is spread, stretched and twisted on the ground bit by bit, and then supplemented with white chalk in the form of a line in the blank space. This high and low visual effect gives the whole gravitational field a better depth perception.This visualized gravity is hidden on the dark ground, so that some of the audience will not notice and step on it, disturbing the original pattern of the whole magnetic field, creating more bumpy links between the two souls.The unexpected just explains the fate of these two souls.

In the end, I began to realize a very bad aspect, that is, I have led the audience to what I think is important, and those that have not been written down will be ignored in the past, maybe it is those that have been ignored that are crucial to the audience.In a sense I’m doing a misleading job, so I’d love to see and hear more different interpretations, and it’s definitely a wonderful moment for you personally.




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Art history


Exploring the world of Petar Lubarda, seeing through all the way to building block that the stone is

Exploring the world of Petar Lubarda, seeing through all the way to building block that the stone is

This is a story, a personal impression rather, of a great artist Petar Lubarda with his roots in Montenegro, with trunk in former Yugoslavia’s Belgrade and Paris and branches, leaves, fruits and flowers in the World. He reaches deep into the history and yet gives us something completely new, a way to look through the prism of the stone that becomes a bone that becomes a structure that becomes an architecture. An architecture of the cosmic journey that we all take on this planet becoming one with the stone that made us and at the same time we become appalled from time to time when we notice the glimpses of the core. We live in the world so dominated by the ruthless ruler called beauty that often times we live in the superficial layer that the underlying truth frightens us. We have learnt to ignore the depth to such a degree that we follow the footpath of positive psychology, from one landmark to another, to avoid abyss at any price, the abyss of the unknown that the subconscious mind knows.

Louise Bourgeois is crossing the boundaries of any of the definitions and exploring and emphasizing on the prevailing forces of the subconsciousness of the 20th century

Louise Bourgeois is crossing the boundaries of any of the definitions and exploring and emphasizing on the prevailing forces of the subconsciousness of the 20th century

Louise Bourgeois graced this planet with her presence spanning almost a century, during which she created a wide range of artistic pieces in different languages of materials and expression. She is one of the artists of 20th century who always came back to the psychology, self observation, getting back to the core, finding essence in the childhood memories and events.

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