Stephanie Saade, exploring the world of perception, orientation in time through maps of memory

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Stephanie Saade introduces us to the world that juxtaposes memory against territory, in front of context, behind the sense of self, above the perception and below rationalization of now. It is a world angular in the structure of meaning, almost like a cubism of conceptual art. The reoccuring theme is the map, not the one that leads somewhere into the conquest of a new territories, but rather a map as a mirror into the world past. The past is only alive because we think about it and therefore it can be traced just like the neural activity creates a map in the brain, the stimulation that happens as the neurons fire, electrifying different regions of the brain, Stephanie Saade’s pieces focus on electrifying the materials. These are not just the materials that delineate the shapes, textures and dasein of things as Heidegger explores, but rather clusters of information, data, embedded into the reality of the appropriated objects. In the Encounter of the first and last particles of dust, we follow the movement of the artist as a teenager. Just like the information is embedded within the realms of computers and brains, here the embedding is happening within the object of significance delineating the points lived from one point of time to another.

When we look at the maps or even more importantly the trails that the maps depict we think of the study of history, archeology, anthropology, assembling the clues that lead from cause to affect in order to understand the reality from the higher perception, or even in this case above the perception. The object perceived is looked through double filters, one is of perceiving and another is of examining the perceptor, ultimately interacting with for example A map of Good Memories, leaving the imprint onto the conglomerate of memories, mapped out in gold. The question is posed, how does it feel to walk over something so precious, immaterial and material at the same time. Stephanie Saade’s work invites for me interaction with the foot steps in several pieces, as if wanting to recreate the experience of walking through time, with the ability to influence, destroy, create, add, retract of and for material, because everyone plays a part in this interconnected universe about which we know only so little. We have some hints about objective realities in ever expending circle of knowing (at the same time expanding the circle of unknowing) we realize the vastness of the horizon. The possibilities of putting together the opposite or even in a way time travel pieces, creating a map in time rather than space. The travels of here and now is such a collection, that is tracing the past, present, up and below representing both horizontal and vertical interaction with the represented historical pieces. The portrait of the lake is an installation that dips into the mythological, deeply historical and metaphorical world, the interaction Earth plays through the seismic and the ultimate movement, a firm hand against the table of civilization, that slowly drips from the suspended in air map, reflecting, reimagining and touching upon the different times again posing a question of perspective, orientation of space, direction towards up, down, sideways both in time and space.

Irina Ideas written in 2020 

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    • Stéphanie Saadé is a Lebanese Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1983. Their work was featured in numerous exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and the MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts. Stéphanie Saadé has been featured in articles for the Art in America, the Art-agenda and the ArtDaily. The most recent article is Age of You Charts the Development of the ‘Extreme Self’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto written by Kate Taylor for The Globe and Mail in October 2019.
      Selected Solo Exhibitions
      Stéphanie Saadé: The Encounter of the First and Last Particles of Dust ,Grey Noise ,Al Quoz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
      Stéphanie Saadé: A Reunion with Unknown Friends ,Galerie Anne Barrault ,3e, Paris, France
      Stéphanie Saadé: The Leaf Once Pilgrim ,Galerie Akinci ,Amsterdam, Netherlands
      Stephanie Saade: En Dormance (in dormancy) ,Galerie Anne Barrault ,3e, Paris, FranceSelected Group Exhibitions
      When the Image is New, the World is New ,Marfa’ ,Beirut, Lebanon
      (This) Precious Stone Set in the Silver Sea ,Copperfield ,London, UK
      Age of You ,Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art ,Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      What can a Dot Become? ,Galerie Akinci ,Amsterdam, Netherlands
      Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands ,La Criée Centre d’Art Contemporain ,Rennes, France
      Luogo e segni ,Punta della Dogana, François Pinault Foundation ,Venice, Italy
      Beirút, Beyrut, Beyrouth, Beyrout ,National Gallery of Iceland ,Reykjavík, Iceland
      NoEL: multiples and books by artistes ,Galerie Anne Barrault ,3e, Paris, France
      Zeitspuren – The Power Of Now ,Kunsthaus Pasquart ,Biel, Switzerland
      Home Beirut. Sounding the Neighbors ,MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts ,Rome, Italy
      Where the f*ck is my sock ,Galerie Akinci ,Amsterdam, Netherlands
      Home is so fucking complicated ,Galerie Nathalie Halgand ,Vienna, Austria
      The Materiality of the Invisible ,Marres, House for Contemporary Culture ,Maastricht, Netherlands
      Ghosting of beings and worlds ,Grey Noise ,Al Quoz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
      Quiet ,Barbara Seiler ,Zürich, Switzerland
      Transformations ,Galerie Akinci ,Amsterdam, Netherlands
      Sharjah Biennial 13 ,Sharjah Art Foundation ,Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
      Voice of the Border ,Selma Feriani Gallery, Tunis ,Tunis, Tunisia
      nouveau! ,Galerie Anne Barrault ,3e, Paris, France
      On Water, Rosemary and Mercury ,Beirut Art Center ,Beirut, Lebanon
      Adam, Eve & the Devil ,Marres, House for Contemporary Culture ,Maastricht, Netherlands
      Jananne Al-Ani, Stéphanie Saadé: Memory Material ,Galerie Akinci ,Amsterdam, Netherlands



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Exploring the world of Petar Lubarda, seeing through all the way to building block that the stone is

Exploring the world of Petar Lubarda, seeing through all the way to building block that the stone is

This is a story, a personal impression rather, of a great artist Petar Lubarda with his roots in Montenegro, with trunk in former Yugoslavia’s Belgrade and Paris and branches, leaves, fruits and flowers in the World. He reaches deep into the history and yet gives us something completely new, a way to look through the prism of the stone that becomes a bone that becomes a structure that becomes an architecture. An architecture of the cosmic journey that we all take on this planet becoming one with the stone that made us and at the same time we become appalled from time to time when we notice the glimpses of the core. We live in the world so dominated by the ruthless ruler called beauty that often times we live in the superficial layer that the underlying truth frightens us. We have learnt to ignore the depth to such a degree that we follow the footpath of positive psychology, from one landmark to another, to avoid abyss at any price, the abyss of the unknown that the subconscious mind knows.

Louise Bourgeois is crossing the boundaries of any of the definitions and exploring and emphasizing on the prevailing forces of the subconsciousness of the 20th century

Louise Bourgeois is crossing the boundaries of any of the definitions and exploring and emphasizing on the prevailing forces of the subconsciousness of the 20th century

Louise Bourgeois graced this planet with her presence spanning almost a century, during which she created a wide range of artistic pieces in different languages of materials and expression. She is one of the artists of 20th century who always came back to the psychology, self observation, getting back to the core, finding essence in the childhood memories and events.

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