Pierre Poulin art explores the outlines of the fears, time itself becoming a judge

Pierre Poulin art explores the outlines of the fears, time itself becoming a judge

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Pierre Poulin’s work has a lot of symbolical, expressionistic elements that are living in the realm beyond the enslavement of the traditional aesthetics. It is an exploration of the darkness that the unknown often is, instilled in the form rather than the color of the paintings. The outlines of the face or a body speaks a language of deepest fears, they want to move beyond their means but they are petrified by the surrounding landscape. Time is a recurring theme, questioning, what is next, what is ahead, how many demons of the society and of the self one has to conquer in order to move forward? Freedom is questioned because it solely depends on the reflection we make between society and the self. Pierre Poulin puts a strong emphasis on symbolical elements, a measure of human is a measure of everything as the time transforms ruthlessly. Inevitability of transformation is almost always outlined in darker shades, color is given a shape by the uncertain, unknown, a nemesis almost. There is a strong tension in each piece that resonates with us all, the fight between the forces without delineating good and evil. Probably one of the most universal fears, instilled through cultural conditioning of the Western Europe for centuries, to not recognize between good and evil. Pierre Poulin is exploring this elemental ability that is never perfected fully, it haunts ever and forever. Every so often there are faces from the future, usually in a more collage style pieces, peaking with the question mark into the reality of time in flux. The strengths and density of each piece is one of the most recognizable feature of Pierre Poulin’s style, unapologetically building the structure of the painting, looking back into the past and relying to some extent on Abstract expressionism, Expressionism and Symbolism, but exploring the Now of the complex world that surrounds whats those who surrender. Red is one of the most dominant colors in the opus, crossculturally it means violence, love, patriotism in many cases, nurturing of life, internal world, a scary world, because often times we don’t want to know what we are like on the inside, both physically and psychologically. Pierre Poulin often creates an inversion of this, what is inside is outside and what is outside dwells on the inside, warning the world of the vice of hiding, consciously digging in the bones spreading them over different places. Those places later becoming sanctuaries after something terrible unearthed the bones out, because it is very difficult if not impossible to keep something alive buried deep within. It will surface in the least expected moment and then the question mark will be looming over everyone’s head. A ghostly shape of a destiny, often through history depicted as a feminine face appears from above to observe, a theme that is often present in Pierre Poulin’s work. A piece called Global Warning especially intrigued my imagination, with the sirens, signalling lights and inscriptions of all kind of news bathed in different colors, both optimistic and pessimistic, but nevertheless with the tone of high distress just like the operating mechanism of our interconnected world that feels the pain much more deeply than it is capable of feeling the pleasure. Civilization goes through the transformation with the genes of the hunter gatherer, into the world that demands the corrections and we can only be the observers.

Irina Ideas written in 2020 

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Pierre Poulin was born in 1958 in Canada. He began his athletic career in freestyle skiing at 16. Between 1979 and 1984, he was winner of six World Cup in freestyle skiing. He also participated in many other high-level championships. In 1990, he moved to Lac-Beauport where he still lives. Each trip around the world brings him back to his hometown. Pierre Poulin is part of the Canadian legends in freestyle skiing and in 2014 he is nicknamed “painter of snow”. Someone said about him that “he is the painter of the highest peaks and, such as skiing, he slips into the world of colors”. He became a skilled coach by winning a gold medal for the Sweden women’s team and another medal in skiing for men’s team. Pierre Poulin is a “real character of circus, unclassifiable as his raw art, a vertiginous man. He jumps in the world of freestyle skiing via the acrobatic dive”. In 1992, his mother offered him a kit of painting. Therefore he became a painter. He started in visual arts with passion and conviction. He studied the strenght of the light and symbols. He vigorously transcribed energy through intense, complex and inspired paintings. He started exhibitions in 1996 in Montreal and in Quebec City. In the years of 1996 to 2000, public found him at the Harrison Gallery, in the Montreal World Trade Centre (Canada). Between 2006 and 2009, he exhibited in the USA and in Toronto (Canada). In 2006, he entered in the prestigious collection of Cirque du Soleil (the Guy Laliberte’s collection). His work is exhibited at the international headquarters of the Guy Laliberte’s company. In 2013, Pierre Poulin became a member of the Artistic Guild of Lac-Beauport. Therefore in 2014, he joined the Creators of Cote-de-Beaupre’s network and he became a member of the Creators’ tour. 2015 is an important year for Pierre Poulin. He became a permanent artist at the Zen Gallery, located in Lac-Beauport, near Quebec City. Still in 2015, two television documentaries are produced about him and about his work. A critic also art theorist is very interested by his work. She puts a label on Pierre Poulin’s work. The artist of Lac-Beauport makes art brut. He is an outsider of art. He is one of those rare Canadian artists practicing that kind of art: the singular and the unclassifiable art. In 2015, he makes a series of paintings for the double World Cup winner in freestyle skiing, Yves La Roche – an old friend of his – with whom he will choose each piece of his work for illustrating the Yves La Roche’s book titled “Solide comme La Roche”. A painting illustrates each chapter of the book. The illustrated book is published in November 2015, which chronicles the life of Yves La Roche and his terrible accident. Yves La Roche was a great athlete, like Pierre Poulin. In January 2016, the artist joined ArtZoom, an international collective of artists to reach another level in his career as a painter. Since February 2016, the artist is indexed at ArtPrice, the world leader of the art market information, where some paintings are for sale. 


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Exploring the world of Petar Lubarda, seeing through all the way to building block that the stone is

Exploring the world of Petar Lubarda, seeing through all the way to building block that the stone is

This is a story, a personal impression rather, of a great artist Petar Lubarda with his roots in Montenegro, with trunk in former Yugoslavia’s Belgrade and Paris and branches, leaves, fruits and flowers in the World. He reaches deep into the history and yet gives us something completely new, a way to look through the prism of the stone that becomes a bone that becomes a structure that becomes an architecture. An architecture of the cosmic journey that we all take on this planet becoming one with the stone that made us and at the same time we become appalled from time to time when we notice the glimpses of the core. We live in the world so dominated by the ruthless ruler called beauty that often times we live in the superficial layer that the underlying truth frightens us. We have learnt to ignore the depth to such a degree that we follow the footpath of positive psychology, from one landmark to another, to avoid abyss at any price, the abyss of the unknown that the subconscious mind knows.

Louise Bourgeois is crossing the boundaries of any of the definitions and exploring and emphasizing on the prevailing forces of the subconsciousness of the 20th century

Louise Bourgeois is crossing the boundaries of any of the definitions and exploring and emphasizing on the prevailing forces of the subconsciousness of the 20th century

Louise Bourgeois graced this planet with her presence spanning almost a century, during which she created a wide range of artistic pieces in different languages of materials and expression. She is one of the artists of 20th century who always came back to the psychology, self observation, getting back to the core, finding essence in the childhood memories and events.

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