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In music the passions enjoy themselves. ~Nietzsche

Sky is NOT the Limit

Curated list of Inspirational content, handpicked and categorized so that you can get inspired right away
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Find your Inspirations

Find the most inspirational content, be it music, painting, book categorized through empowerment clusters to fit your current state of mind.

Feature your creations

We will feature your work and creations, but in exchange of sharing what inspires you. We are here to build a community not just to promote your work that only a few people will take a look at but we want genuine involvement

Share what you are working atm

Share what you are working on, so that you can tap into the source of collective knowledge and make the process of creation far more interesting and innovative.

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Featured Artists

This is the community of true inspiration and genuine creative process


can present their work along with the short bio and link to their website Can offer various services including instrument lessons, studio renting, recording, artistic guidences, sound engineering…etc

Visual artists

Can present their work, short bio, link to their website Can offer range of services that would be interesting to lead to getting some work or commission


Share what piece they are working on, so that others could help through Also if interested in jobs or freelancing share what you are good at so that everyone can find their piece of cake

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