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There is so much more to the brush stroke than the eye sees.

How it became

Musebuz was created in order to inspire, organize and create space for collaboration for musicians, artists, and especially those without labels. Musebuz is an attempt to promote real human values amidst all the social and promotional noise that surrounds us today. Today we have so much available through various sources and social networks, yet we seem to only use the apps for singular purpose hence leaving us empty and disconnected absorbents of information that ranks or trends highest but real road to filling that emptiness is in discovering more and deep understanding of art.

The Aim

The goal is to get people inspired and interested in the works of art and artists not by watching and reading but also connecting with each other. This is a community and a place to help find a true muse because without a muse in the coming years of automation, many of us will find life meaningless.

How it works

Musebuz is opening opportunities for everyone to participate. Regardless of your background, we allow you to upload your own inspirations to the website, and showcase your own work and services at the same time.
However, we do filter the content, and if our community assess it to not adequate quality, it may be rejected. That is the only way to keep high quality standard while we grow the community.

What you get

Musebuz not only allows you
1. to filter and browse through a selection of inspirational content, but also
2. allows you to present your own work, as well as services that you can provide. In addition
3. it brings the whole community together through discussion where you can post on what you are working on and seek opinions and help.
4. we also want to foster introductions and friendship building between the members, so each month we will be introducing you to each other. Note this is only for members.

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